Walk every day in 2016

Winter Sunset over the San Jacinto Mountains

Winter Sunset over the Santa Roas Mountains

One of my goals this year is to lose weight. In addition to diet, I’ll rely on walking and hiking every day in 2016 to help reach my weight loss goals. My plan is to walk at least 15 minutes daily. I’m using Map My Walk to record my walks, and am shooting to achieve 1000 miles by December 31, 2016.

I thought up this crazy idea while I was out on a hike today – my first real hike in months and only the second one since my surgeries. I went out in the late afternoon and was able to catch some beautiful photos of the sunset. Five miles. I feel accomplished.

I’ve been a walker for decades. In 2013, I went back to my love of hiking. It has been a great adventure, but my foot problems got the best of me. In 2015, I had two major foot surgeries. I still struggle with pain as I continue to heal. But I decided this year I want to challenge myself to get out there and walk and hike as much as I possibly can. I’m telling myself it can only get better from here!  🙂

I’ll be sharing my trials and trails with you. Maybe it will encourage you to stretch yourself as well.

Feel free to keep me accountable to walk every day in 2016. I’m shooting to write a little and add a photo daily. And please, friend me on Map My Walk!

P.S. While I started this endeavor on January 2nd, fortunately, I did get out to walk in my neighborhood yesterday. Here’s proof:


Map My Walk 1/1/16

Map My Walk 1/1/16

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