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La Quinta Civic Center Park

La Quinta Civic Center Park

So today I was super busy trying to meet a writing deadline when I got an email from the client indicating the project was due at 7:00 A.M. on Monday, not 2:00 P.M. as they originally quoted. Aack! I have too much to do to go for a walk!

Well, that’s what we like to tell ourselves. The truth is, that’s when we need to go for that walk the most. Aside from burning off calories, brisk walking reduces stress, improves creativity, increases strength, strengthens muscles and bones, and reduces the risk of certain chronic diseases.

So, I drove over to the library to get some distraction-free work done. When the library closed at 4:00, I headed out for a short walk around the Civic Center Park and Old Town La Quinta. The park is beautiful with a lake filled with ducks and geese and a fountain in the middle. It is uniquely situated to capture mountain views. What a peaceful place for a stroll!

After a half hour, I felt sufficiently energized to head back to face a late night of work. Well, that with lots of caffeine.

Welcome to my blog!




My name is Vicky. I’m married to my awesome hubby Tom and mom to two teens, Nicole 17 and Kaitlyn 16. Our girls came to us by way of foster-adoption when they were 4 and 3-1/2. We spent some more time fostering other kids as well.


Adoption and foster care are pretty important issues to me. We went through a lot of hard times as a family. Because of our experiences, I want to help other adoptive and foster families who are struggling. I think together, we can find answers and come alongside those who are hurting.


I also mentor moms at a homeless shelter. Most of these women come from very difficult backgrounds of abuse, poverty, and addiction. It’s remarkable to see the change that happens in their families’ lives once they receive the encouragement and help they desperately need. I believe wholeheartedly that kids do best when they remain with their families of origin IF the parents make the changes needed to safely support their kids.


When I’m not at my computer, kitchen, or the rescue mission, I can usually be found on a hiking trail. I’ve been hiking since a kid, but with a few years absence in between. In the last two years, I’m hitting the desert trails and mountain paths again. I feel rejuvenated and closer to God there than anywhere else. After telling myself for years that it was selfish to take that much time for me, I’ve learned this is one of the big things God created me for. It’s also what He created the wilds for – for us to discover and enjoy adventures. To paraphrase Eric Liddell in the movie Chariot’s of Fire, when I hike, I feel God’s pleasure.


I’m so glad to have you here. I hope we can start some conversations to change and empower women and families for the better.